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Fall 2022 courses at UT Dallas:

undergraduate courses:

ATCM 2321 - Reading Media Critically

This writing-intensive course explores how to think and write critically about media and society. Throughout the semester, students will refine conceptual tools that allows us to explore, critique, and reimagine the culture we produce and consume through the study of media. We will discuss foundational ideas in critical theory and relate these ideas to current social issues and media productions.

HONS 3199.HN5 - Collegium V Honors Readings: Fictional Games

This course investigates how fictional representations of games operate as cultural sites for negotiating contested meanings of work and play, equity and fairness, utopia and dystopia, collaboration and competition, and other social practices and values. By focusing on fictional games in narrative media—such as film, fiction, television, and even games themselves—this course considers ways in which games enable cultures to make sense of themselves, others, and the worlds they inhabit.

graduate course:

ATCM 7331 - Research Methodology in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

This course guides students through a variety of research methodologies appropriate for advanced interdisciplinary research in arts, technology, and emerging communication. Students will develop and refine their own individual research methodologies and programs in the process, attending to the particular challenges and opportunities that interdisciplinary work brings in relation to established and emerging fields.