current teaching for Spring 2024

ATCM 2325: Introduction to Ethnic Studies

This course serves as an introduction to ethnic studies, with an emphasis on the field's core theories of race, racialization, and social difference. Students will examine how "race" structures and shapes culture and society in the United States historically and in the present.

ATCM 6381 - Media, Culture, and Economy: The Work of Care in Digital Cultures

This course examines the history of and interplay among economic logics and media technologies and industries. This semester focuses specifically on the infrastructural, material, and embodied dimensions of work in contemporary digital cultures. This class draws on diverse fields—including media studies, science and technology studies, feminist and queer theory, critical race and ethnic studies, disability and crip theory, and ecocriticism—to examine the spatiotemporal (literal) place of work and the ideological and cultural (metaphoric) place of work in digital cultures.

HONS 3199.HN5: Collegium V Honors Reading: Toy Cultures

This Collegium V Honors Reading Course investigates toys as historically and culturally situated technologies of play that negotiate and contest dominant and normative cultural identities, meanings, and relations. Thinking broadly, the course will explore toys of various kinds and in various contexts in order to consider how toys operate as social mediators of meaning and value, including in constructing and shaping conceptions of childhood and adulthood, of work and play, and of the past and the future.