peer-reviewed book

Nguyen, Josef. The Digital Is Kid Stuff: Making Creative Laborers for a Precarious Economy (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Dec 2021)

peer-reviewed articles and papers

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  • Honorable Mention for Best Paper Award (top 5%)

Nguyen, Josef. "How Makers and Preppers Converge in Premodern and Post-Apocalyptic Ruin." Lateral 7, no. 2 (Fall 2018) (open access)

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  • Italian translation and reprint as "Esibirsi come Videogiocatori nei Let's Play" in Giochi Video: Streaming, Spettacolo, Performance. Eds. Matteo Bittanti and Enrico Gandolfi. Milan: Mimesis Edizioni (2018), 81-101

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edited special issue

Forthcoming: Phillips, Amanda, and Josef Nguyen (eds.). Special issue: "The Lara Croft 30th Anniversary Special Issue." Feminist Media Histories tentatively 11, no. 3 (Summer 2025)

additional writing

Shaw, Adrienne, Alexandrina Agloro, Josef Nguyen, Amanda Phillips, and Bo Ruberg. "Feminist and Queer Game Studies." Oxford Bibliographies in Communication, Oxford University Press (2019)